This is barely even a thing yet, but I did throw together this placeholder website as a prelude to a total redesign of

For the full thing, I’m trying to study and absorb some of the rules of Swiss design. I want it to look like a page from a beautiful 1970s product catalogue lying open on a wooden desk. I have a suspicion that this might be the worst idea anyone’s ever had for a website.

I’m also trying to get registered (matching my YouTube username) but keep tripping over Nominet’s WHOIS verification step. The battle continues.

Draft script for a video I want to make on the Might and Magic series: the games, and the stories of their creation. Been researching this off and on for weeks. At some point soon I’m going to have to start making the damn thing.

This video isn’t ready to show off yet, but I think it might be fun.

My other ongoing YouTube project is making weekly Let’s Play Geoguessr videos. Five rounds, two minutes per round, with rambling commentary. This one is the latest, and here’s a link to the playlist.

(If you haven’t played Geoguessr, it’s a free online game that drops you into a random Google Street View somewhere in the world, and you have to look for clues to where you are, and drop a pin on the map. Closer means more points. If you’re fortunate enough that the Earth is your place of residence, you should definitely play it.)

New episodes on Wednesdays.

I’m ten episodes into Razing the Baa, which will probably be a very lengthy Let’s Play of New World Computing’s 1998 action RPG Might and Magic VI.

(Embedded here is the first part, so—because it’s the first Let’s Play I’ve made—it’s also the worst, both in terms of technical quality and commentary. I’m learning as I go, which was kind of the idea, but it does make the older efforts a bit embarrassing…)

Full playlist here. New episodes on Sundays.

…at updating this Tumblr. But I’ve been uncharacteristically unsucky at the making of stuff lately. I’ll link some of it up in the next few posts.

Just a fun interpretation born on a bus ride.